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The Pagura Company


With one truck and a lawn mower that had seen better days, we began our start in the landscaping industry in 1979. After a few calloused hands and whole lot of hard work, we became recognized as one of the top landscaping companies in Columbus, Ohio—Servicing Wendy’s fast food chains across the Midwest, the Polaris Shopping Plaza, and the home of Jack Nicklaus and Dave Thomas. When we developed our new office over 80-acres in an unestablished area of Plain City, people called us “Crazy.” And when we began building a community of offices on those 80-acres, people thought we had really lost our minds. With a lot of insight and perseverance, all of our commercial spaces were leased or sold within a year of breaking ground. That’s when our passion for landscaping grew into something much bigger...Commercial Real Estate.

"Today we woke up trying to beat our yesterday." 

Steve Pagura, Owner and Founder


Fast-forward, we have taken the CRE industry by storm, developing and managing 21 properties across 7 states, with over 300,000 square feet of office and residential spaces. Over the past five years, the Bruggerman Capital team and the Pagura Company have dived into the booming market of Austin, Texas—redeveloping, developing and managing over 300-doors worth of Multi-Family properties. 

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